Working With an Interior Designer: Your Top Questions Answered

Did you know you can call on an interior designer for almost any decorating need? From style board visioning to full-on construction planning, and everything in between. Having an interior designer navigate the process can save you time, money, and headaches too. There are only a few things you must decide first, the scope of your project and of course budget. From there a designer can help shape your very own style story.

If you haven’t worked with an interior designer before you may be wondering…

How do I choose an interior designer? Step one, scan Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and other savvy sites for designs that makes you swoon. Then search local portfolios and galleries for designers that reflect your style preferences. Personality and responsiveness are also important traits when working with a designer. You and your designer will be in constant communication, so it is essential you hire someone you also find enjoyable.

How much does it cost to work with an interior designer? Final project costs depend on the scale of a project. Full renovation involving construction will likely require a larger budget than traditional room decor design. By sharing your budget first, an interior designer can show you what can be accomplished. Sure to fit every budget, Everything Home offers three unique design services:

e-HOME Design If you thrive on DIY design but need creative guidance, consider Everything Home’s e-HOME Design services. Through this process, you will work remotely with experienced designers to gather information particular to your project. In return, you are provided a concept for creating a professionally designed space or even a whole home design if desired. This process provides a room layout, style storyboard, and shopping list to implement at your own pace.

Interior Design Perhaps you would prefer to have a professional drive your design from start to finish. Everything Home offers clients conceptual design through project implementation as part of full-service interior design. Through careful collaboration an initial design study jumpstarts the process where function, aesthetics, and budget are all considered. A physical design is then created using a custom color palette, choice fabric selections, and new and existing furnishings. Full-service interior design also includes ordering, tracking, installing, and staging. This truly white glove service is wrapped up on a very exciting reveal day!

Build and Remodel Design Gain the advantage of an artistic eye and utilize a specialized interior designer from the beginning when building or remodeling your space. Everything Home can coordinate your dream design from conception through construction. Build and Remodel Design services include space planning, review of architectural drawings, introduction to skilled craftsman, one-on-one material selection, and timeline management. Involving an interior designer in the construction phase of a project returns superior style.

How long does the process typically take? Remotely coordinated DIY designs are usually achieved in 6-8 weeks, while full-service designs could take a few weeks longer depending on delivery of specially sourced goods. The timeline for designs involving construction is heavily based on permits and ease of renovation.

Do I pay wholesale or retail for merchandise when working with an interior designer? Working with an interior designer benefits you in purchasing goods at below retail prices. Flat-rate design services allow you to maximize your budget with physical decor.

Why use an independent designer vs. free retailer design services? It is tempting to work with a retailer for interior design, especially when their services are offered for free. Consequently though you are confined to purchasing goods from only one retailer, often yielding a duller design. A carefully curated space utilizing selectively sourced decor is more exclusive and exciting.

Does my project require a designer or an architect? It is best to hire a designer that has a solid working relationship with architects and construction firms when demo-ing, building, or remodeling. If structures are being altered, utilities are affected, or intense hard goods are being added, consider a specialized interior design service like Everything Home who has experience working with clients across the spectrum.

If you have additional questions or curiosities regarding working with an interior designer, we would love to answer them! Contact us to learn more.

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