How COVID-19 Could Influence The Future of Home Design

How COVID-19 Could Influence The Future of Home Design

In the midst of this pandemic, we’re already seeing some lasting impressions that COVID-19 is having on home design. Spending months mostly at home provides ample time to reassess habits around the house. With a recent spotlight on healthy living, remote work, and homeschooling, one thing is evident—the value of function has never been greater in home design. Making the most of our space at home has become essential to navigating the new normal.

Below are 10 pandemic-related trends popping up in home design that we believe could be here to stay:

#1 Make Room for Mudrooms

Mudrooms make life easier and that’s been especially evident during this pandemic. They work as a designated “drop zone” directly inside the door to stash bags, hang masks, kick off shoes, shed clothing, and wash hands before entering the main living spaces. Some key features include a bench with wall hooks, shoe rack, laundry basket and hand sink. Mudrooms are conveniently planned near the garage (or most-used entrance) to prevent trailing muddy messes and germs throughout the home.

Mudroom Design

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#2 Touchless Faucets

COVID-19 or not, hands-free is the way to be! Touchless faucets are easy to use for people of all ages and eliminate contamination on surfaces. Automated faucets are becoming a popular choice in both kitchens and baths in that they prevent water from being left on while keeping hands germ-free.

#3 Home Offices That Work

It only takes one virtual meeting with children running through the background or the dog barking ferociously at parcel delivery to realize a designated work space is a good idea. A quiet, connected and inspiring home office provides a productive atmosphere for achieving quality work at home—which is seemingly here to stay. A professional backdrop for live video conferencing is a nice touch too.

How COVID-19 Could Influence The Future of Home Design: Home Offices

#4 Emphasis on Outdoor Living

The great outdoors, now more than ever! With an emphasis on outdoor gatherings this year, homeowners are spending more time enjoying their patios, porches, lawns, and gardens. An investment in outdoor living (covered porches, outdoor fireplaces, grilling kitchens, pools, hot tubs, and outdoor televisions) as an extension of indoor spaces is on the rise.

How COVID-19 Could Influence The Future of Home Design: Outdoor Living Spaces

#5 Space for Fitness

With restrictions and limited capacity at gyms and fitness studios, virtual workouts are increasingly popular in an effort to maintain health and wellness. Setting up a designated workout space in the home, often in a spare bedroom or basement, encourages an ongoing commitment to fitness.

#6 Private Guest Areas

When hosting out-of-town guests, separate guest zones are a wonderful way to provide space and privacy for your guests and yourself.  It allows guests to forego crowded hotels while still having their own dedicated space when they are in town.

Ideally, a guest suite includes a spacious bedroom and a full bath. If room allows, a kitchenette is an appreciated addition. This is particularly helpful if you are caring for an ill family member who needs to stay quarantined from the rest of the family.

How COVID-19 Could Influence The Future of Home Design

#7 Air Purification Systems

Whole house air purification systems are a new consideration for many homeowners. The idea of cleaning air of particulates and pathogens is especially intriguing during the COVID-19 pandemic, however air purification has a long standing history of reducing allergen and asthma triggers.

#8 Kid’s Study Space

Homeschooling is new for many families, however homework is not. Whether for distance learning or for after-school assignments, kids benefit from having a dedicated study space. Dens, lofts, cubbies and corners with a desk, chair, storage and internet connection are all better options than dodging dinner time while working at the kitchen table.

Kids Study Space

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#9 “Almost” Open Concept

Open floor plans are definitely desirable, but so is a little quiet time—especially in quarantine. A mixture of open space and private space ( by walls or room separators) is a popular design conversation at this time as families balance togetherness and a need for alone time.

#10 Washable Fabrics

Wash, rinse, dry…repeat, repeat, repeat.  Sanitizing is an important step in promoting a healthy home during a COVID-19 pandemic or otherwise. Washable fabrics on furniture, drapery, bedding, pillows, rugs, etc. have become an important consideration (and sometimes a deal-breaker!) in making safe style selections. Washable fabrics provide additional opportunities to keep things extra clean at home.

Everything Home can help you re-imagine your existing space or even design that perfect new place. Luxe yet livable is our specialty—we design beautiful homes that make life easier and more enjoyable. Contact us to learn more!

Theater and game rooms? Basement bars? Spa-like bathrooms? How do you think COVID-19 could influence the future of home design? Leave your predictions in the comments below. 

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